Brunch review – Cereal Killa

nutella and banana milkshake at Cereal Killa.

This Dom Rd fav has recently changed hands, and word on the street is that while the coffee is as excellent as ever, other elements lack snap crackle and pop we loved about this place.

The menu has been refreshed. “To make it healthier,” said our waitress.

“Oh NO,” I said.

“I KNOW,” said our waitress, “but it’s still really nice, I promise.”

All my old favourites still feature – the pancakes (which are thin enough that I think they really should be called crepes) with bacon, banana, vanilla mascarpone and blueberry caramel are as lovely as they ever have been – recommended. For the Hungry amongst us, there’s the Veggie Big ‘un: haloumi, avocado, eggs as you like them, mushroom, tomato, spinach, rosti and toast. This has the very pleasing side effect of rendering you unable to move for the rest of the day, and is wonderful after a big night out. It is also far superior to the Big ‘un, which has the advantage of bacon, but no avo, and also features breakfast sausages, the most pointless of all the sausages.

There’s only a few new menu items. One I had to google – a “polpette” is a “meatball” to you and me. Cereal Killa makes them with lentils. I ordered the Mexican Salad with Salsa Verde instead. It was lovely great pile of black beans, studded with avocado and garnished with a generous heap of fresh mango.

Mexican salad from Cereal Killa

Annette surveyed the cake cabinet and declared there was nothing of interest within. Instead of a cake snack, she ordered Chicken Fingers from the children’s menu. These were crumbed strips of chicken fillet, served with tomato sauce. “Yum,” she declared. This she rounded out with a Banana and Nutella milkshake, which was served in a tiny glass bottle.

Chicken fingers from the kids menu

I had a latte and a flat white, and both were excellent. Where Cereal Killa is sometimes shaky in the brunch department, they more than make up for it in the quality of the coffee.

Back of a napkin –

  • Cereal Killa Cafe – 360H Dominion Rd
  • Coffee – A+
  • Transport – easy parking, right on a bus route
  • Price – The most expensive item, the Big ‘Un, is a YOLO $20.50
  • Final score – B+

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