5 best cat lady (or lad) clothes

There was a time not so long ago when to be called a “crazy cat lady” was an insult. I’m firmly of the mindset that we should embrace our inner cat lady (or lad) and flaunt it. And what better way to flaunt it by to dress your mad self up in some sweet cat themed threads.

And on that note, I bring you 5 best cat clothes (with links for where to buy from, to make it easy for you. Go on you know you want to)…

1. This jumper


There is a really big part of me that wants this, but there is also a medium sized part of me that thinks I’d never have the balls to wear it out in public. I have just discovered a dress in the same print at half the price… cost risk = reduced, however wear risk = increased (due to the fact that a jumper can be taken off during the day if the situation requires less cats, but apparently it’s frowned upon to take off your dress in public. Who knew). Dilemma dilemma!

Where to buy: ASOS

2. This cat watch


I am lucky enough to have the best best friend in the whole world. She bought me this watch for my birthday last year. Life = complete. What’s the time? It’s kitteh time. It’s always kitteh time.

Where to buy: Hello Miss Apple

3. This cat hat


What’s better than The Cat in The Hat? A cat ON your hat! Several cats, to be precise.

Where to buy: RipNDip

4. This unicorn cat top

unicorn cat top

This contains the two best animals in the world – cats and unicorns… and wait, is that some sort of beaver tail? Must investigate further, preferably by purchasing and examining IRL.

Where to buy: Etsy

5. This badass shirt


On first glance this shirt is all “ohh so cute a teeny tiny kitteh poking out of the pocket how adorable”

Then, boom

nermal pocket

Kitteh is a dick and I love it!

Where to buy: This bad boy can currently be pre ordered (which is lucky or I would have bought like 10 already – cat t shirts for everyone’s Christmas present this year! Also how super organised would I be?) anyway, it can be pre ordered from RipNDip

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