Awaken The Force With BB-8


Did you think to yourself:

“Man, I wish I could watch The Force Awakens with my BB-8!”

My BB-8? What a statement right? If you didn’t know, you can actually buy your very own BB-8 App-Enabled droid to do droid stuff with off your mobile phone like this:

And while that’s cool and all, it’s now getting an upgrade that’s taken it from “Holy heck, that’s awesome but it’ll probably gather dust” to “SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY!“.
With a new update to that app which talks to the droid, BB-8 can now watch Star Wars: The Force Awakens with you.

You’ve read that correctly.

It can WATCH The Force Awakens.

It will REACT to The Force Awakens.

It will AWAKENS the awaken part of The Force Awakens (possibly, I’m not sure).

After updating the droids play modes to include the new ‘Watch With Me’ feature, BB-8 will join you on the adventure from his charging station (because he will need some juice for the trip) and will listen in with your phones micro…phone…so he’ll need access to that too!
While you may be thinking “This sounds very Droid-Person” (similar to a Cat-Person), it’s also creating a new immersive experience when you watch the movie.

And so I’ve thought about this intensely and how much more wild the trip will be with BB-8 by your side:

Beep Boop Beep


Just look at how he reacts to stuff! It’s gonna be fantastic!

Sure he won’t be rolling on to the scene like the Boss he is, but just him there with his fun little noggin swirling all over the place in excitement alongside you will be more than enough…AND THE BEEPS! WITH THE BOOPS!

Oh man…

Poe’s Lip Bite


Now part of Internet Lore, Oscar Isaac‘s lip bite is something for the Holocrons. And now BB-8 can watch it with you and share in all its glory.

Thumbs Up!


Your BB-8 can thumbs up with the movie!

Okay, your BB-8 might not be able to do that, but can you just hear its joy at this moment? It’s gonna go nuts for one of the best scenes in the film.


Ride Or Die


The dog fights are already crazy good in The Force Awakens.

But now a droid who’s PARTICIPATING in them will be watching the film with you and relaying back its own emotions as to how all of that plays out, so much so that you’ll basically be a qualified pilot after it! (Don’t take my word for it though)

Also included in the new ‘Watch With Me’ mode is a pop-up like system that will appear on your mobile device with facts about what’s playing out on-screen, which means your BB-8 has gotten a new lease on (droid) life!
With this fantastic new update, it all but guarantees that your return at home to the world of Star Wars is definitely starting to take place in the future!

The Force Awakens is out on Blu-Rey and DV-D2 on April 13th!

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