EW Announce Their Surprising List Of Top Superheroes

Superheroes are so hot right now, so it is unsurprising that Entertainment Weekly have released their list of the top ones. They were considering pop culture heroes, rather than comic books, so the list could have included the likes of Buffy. What’s great about this list is that the judging criteria isn’t the usual vote on “who our panel likes the most” but a carefully considered – and weighted – list.

We devised a 100-point system that rated each character in nine categories: Cultural Impact, Bankability, Design, Modern Relevance, Mythology, Nemeses, Originality, Personality, and Powers. We gave each category a maximum score of 10 points, with one exception: Cultural Impact.

The power of a superhero is defined most by this quality, so we measured it on a 20-point scale to weigh the final list in favor of characters who have the deepest cultural footprints.

And the list is…

10. The Flash
9. Black Panther
8. The Hulk
7. Captain America
6. Iron Man
5. Wolverine
4. Superman
3. Batman
2. Spider-Man
1. Wonder Woman

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